When do you write?

It’s a question I’m often asked: when do you write/how do you find time to write?

Here is the answer: when I can. And I don’t beat myself up for not writing more, sooner.

As writers, we need to be kind to ourselves. In addition to creating a book, we also have to put gas in the car, compare nutritional statistics on different juice bottles, tend to a frustrated relative and/or take out the trash.

It can be overwhelming/frustrating. Especially when we have a vocation on top of our avocation.

So the trick for me is to set reasonable goals each week. I will write two chapters this week. I will also do 1 thing every other day on social media.

If I achieve all that, it’s been a stellar week. If not, I do not allow myself to get despondent. I just tweak next week’s schedule based on what else I have to do and keep putting one keystroke in front of the next.

Now and then. Here and there. One thing today, two things tomorrow. That’s the balance beam we persistent writers walk along, and don’t let anyone make deadlines or rushed expectations knock you off of it.

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