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‘Murder Becomes Macau’ hardbacks have arrived!

On September 26, ‘Murder Becomes Macau’ went on sale. And one day later, a shipment of the first printing of the hardback version arrived at our offices. You can get your hands on a beautiful copy, designed by Randall White, at

The arrival of a shipment of hard copies is always exciting because it means we can start sending out all the pre-orders that have come in during the weeks beforehand.

But it’s an important milestone in another way. It’s an opportunity for us to scan the book to ensure the printing and delivery resulted in a book you’ll be proud to own. We’re happy that this first set appears to be free of any defects such as mis-registered pages, page crumpling, etc.

Always thinking of you, dear reader. Pick up a hardcopy of the new “Murder Becomes Macau,” at Or, download the eBook (or one of our other three books in the series) from Amazon, Apple Books, Kobo, or Smashwords.

Who Murdered Casino Executive Jocelyn Cheng?

In “Murder Becomes Macau,” the murder victim (which now goes by ‘O’) is the CEO of Macau’s largest gaming consortium. After sipping a martini brought to her while she watches the action in one of her casinos, she collapses to the floor.

Next to her corpse is the telltale card of The Organization (which now just goes by ‘O’), this time tucked discreetly into her purse.

There are several suspects. A mysterious blonde at a roulette table appears to have sent her the weaponized martini (or did she)? There’s also the belligerent server who brought her the cocktail — and had the opportunity to spike it.

The executive’s younger sister holds a definite grudge against her more accomplished sibling, and there’s a former executive assistant who found out some shady secret about her boss and then left the job (and the murder scene?) in a hurry.

As always, there are also a few other oddballs on the periphery who may or may not have been ‘O’s assassin in waiting.

I hope you enjoy this fourth installment of The Dalton Lee Mysteries. Get your copy now at (hardbacks go on sale in late September).

Check out the very cool architecture in “Murder Becomes Macau”

One of the joys of writing “Murder Becomes Macau” has been the opportunity to present to readers the glorious architecture one finds both there and in nearby Hong Kong.

I conducted business in Hong Kong several times in the 1980s and it quickly became one of my favorite cities. A key reason: the remarkable structures both on Hong Kong Island and, across the harbor, Tsim Sha Tsui.

For example, note below how the architects incorporated in a building in Hong Kong, what’s known as a ‘dragon’s gate.’ It’s a ‘window’ of sorts found in many Hong Kong buildings, and it has a magical purpose explained in the book.

In contrast, note the historical magnificence of the Ruínas de São Paulo (immediately below) and the A-Ma Temple on Macau. The book also explains the significance of these religious structures, which stand in stark contrast to the sleek grandeur of Macau’s many casino hotels.

“Murder Becomes Macau” is about much more than just solving a murder. It’s also about how architects around the world, and throughout time, have built the buildings the way they have.

I really hope you enjoy the fourth installment in the Dalton Lee/Murder Becomes mystery series. Learn more about it at:

Why Macau?

People ask me why I’ve set the next installment of the “Murder Becomes” series in Macau. There are several reasons.

First, Macau (and its neighbor, Hong Kong) are exotic locales that have always fascinated me.

I had the good fortune of traveling to Hong Kong on business several times during the 1980s and visiting Macau twice. They are both places that offer mystery and surprises around just about every corner.

Second, both Macau and Hong Kong abound with amazing architecture, which of course is essential to the books’ protagonist, architect/detective Dalton Lee. In Macau, you have the historic architecture from its period as a Portuguese colony paired with the modern architecture found in its many casinos. You’ll learn fascinating details about both in the upcoming book.

Meanwhile, Hong Kong teems with stunning skyscrapers, guided often by the principles of feng shui.

Finally, Macau begins with the letter ‘M,’ as do all the destinations in the “Murder Becomes’ series. One does not have to have read, “Murder Becomes Manhattan,” “Murder Becomes Miami” or “Murder Becomes Mayfair,” to understand this next book in the series. But doing so can help one get into the groove of what’s going on.

I hope you enjoy “Murder Becomes Macau” once it comes out in late 2023!

Friends of Richardson Public Libraries Presents Author Jeffrey Eaton, October 1

The evening of October 1, author Jeffrey Eaton will discuss mystery writing and his “Murder Becomes” series before the Friends of the Richardson, Texas, Libraries group. Get more details on this fun, intriguing event at:

The appearance has prompted Eaton’s detective/protagonist, Dalton Lee, to impart an important message: “Libraries, and librarians, still matter.”

Librarians can guide us to the best research sources faster than most Google searches filled with ads ever will. Meanwhile, libraries have become outstanding locales for lectures, panel discussions, poetry readings and more.

Not convinced? This “Forbes” article is likely to shift your thinking:

Jeffrey Eaton hopes to see you at the Friends of the Richardson Public Library annual event on October 1. And, in your neighborhood library, as well.

Greenwich Foot Tunnel

It’s called the Greenwich Foot Tunnel. An underground passageway that  thousands of people in London use every day to get from one side of the Thames to the other.

But, when Dalton Lee is summoned to the tunnel at midnight, he descends the steep spiral staircase and finds no one there. But not for very long . . .

“Murder Becomes Mayfair” goes on sale October 1


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“Murder Becomes Mayfair” is hot off the presses!

Few things warm an author’s heart more than seeing the first run of a new novel arrive at one’s doorstep.

The first 200 copies of “Murder Becomes Mayfair” have arrived! Fall colors even, for those of you in the Northern Hemisphere.

Pre-order now, at:

(You can also order there the books that provide the Dalton Lee Mystery backstory).

These copies will likely be gone by the time our launch party takes place on Sunday, September 30. So reserve your copy now. (RSVP to our launch party in Dallas at:

And here it is — the cover art for “Murder Becomes Mayfair”

Earlier this week, our VIP readers got a first glimpse at the cover for my newest mystery thriller, “Murder Becomes Mayfair.” Now, it’s your turn to see the artwork for the third installment in the “Murder Becomes” series, featuring architect/detective, Dalton Lee. (Preorder here).

I wonder if readers realize how much thought goes into a book cover. This book presented a challenge we’d not faced before.

Should the artwork reflect a well-known architectural icon of London, like Westminster Abbey or Big Ben? Or should it be true to the title and show the beautiful Georgian architecture of Mayfair?

We decided to focus on the neighborhood, believing the shot of these Georgian town homes still evokes London. Putting Big Ben on the cover of a book about Mayfair just seemed wrong to us.

Then came the question of the background color. “Murder Becomes Manhattan” has a rich black cover, while “Murder Becomes Miami” has a cover that is a deep ocean blue. For variety, we went with the color of brick for “Murder Becomes Mayfair,” lightened some so the Georgian buildings beneath would still pop through.

We hope you like the fact the cover is true to the series in its fonts and design, but unique in the color that it projects from the bookshelf. Let us know your thoughts.

Hardbacks of “Murder Becomes Mayfair” go on sale October 1. What nefarious plot has The Organization planned for London? Can Dalton Lee and his team stop it before it’s too late?


Learn more about this eerie thriller at